Samaria Gorge
The gorge of Samaria is the biggest, most imposing and beautiful gorge in Chania and in Europe, and that is why it is internationally renown and mostly visited, since more than 300000 people have the opportunity to cross it each year. It has a wonderful landscape with rare geo-morphological formations. It is a unique biotope with particular richness in fauna and flora. It has a rich mythology as well, that goes back to pre-historical years and a tumultuous history during the difficult years of Crete.
The gorge has a lot of narrow passes that are called "gates" but the narrowest pass, "the Iron Gate", is 3 m wide and 300 to 700 m high from both sides. There are a lot of spots where you can walk over the river of the gorge on small wooden bridges. 
Formerly there were famous sanctuaries and oracles in the gorge. In Agia Roumeli also, the ancient city of TARA with the temple of Apollo, only a portion of which has been preserved.
On the very clean and idyllic beach of Agia Roumeli, situated at the foot of very high mountains, you can rest and enjoy swimming in the waters of the Libyan Sea, dine in the numerous taverns and stay overnight in the small hotels of the area. All this can also be done in Chora Sfakion.

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