Botanical Park of Crete or Else the Garden of Eden at Chania
One of the supreme experiences that you can gain upon your visit to Chania is definitely your exploration of the Botanical Park of Crete. About twenty hectares of rare vegetation and several endangered species of animals can be found at the feet of the White Mountains, less than 20 kilometres from Chania. If you are an enthusiast of nature and you want to discover the beauty and elegance of the purest environment, you are more than welcome to pay a visit to the park and gardens for a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Even though the whole place had been burnt tragically at the fire dating back in 2003, everything has been rejuvenated and new hope has been found for the future of the park. You will get the opportunity to follow the paths in these amazing surroundings and relish every moment you spend in nature. Of course, you are strongly advised not to overestimate your powers and rest from time to time. In this way, not only will you be able to last throughout your stroll, but you will also take everything you observe in more wonderfully. The park is an oasis of refreshment and serenity, offering a shelter of peace and a pleasant breeze under the burning sun.

Just to name a few of the major attractions of the Botanical Park and Gardens, you will enjoy the vineyards and the cherry trees, herbs and other fruit trees, the citrus garden and many other plants and flowers. As for the animals, you can indulge in the observation of wild birds and astonishing butterflies, farm animals and even amphibians. The artificial lake that has been created as a source of revitalization is home to various other amphibians and is the centre of attention for a lot of animals.

For the ultimate culinary temptations coming straight from the park, there is a restaurant that you should not miss out on visiting for a light snack. Get to enjoy fresh and organically grown vegetables and fruits, with the addition of precious herbs and other distinctive ingredients and flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine. Such a meal will complete the memories that you hold of this exceptional Botanical Park in the most intriguing manner! 

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