Explore Elafonisi and its Unrivalled Beauty for Memorable Experiences
Chania is a picturesque destination in general, since Crete is able to offer a lot of diverse experiences to the travellers. One of these wonderful experiences that you should not miss out on is the visit and exploration of the magnificent islet, which is located approximately 75 kilometres south-west of the town of Chania. In specific, Elafonisi (or else the island of deer) is definitely one of the major attractions of Crete and therefore one such trip should be at the top of your to-do list! You will be lost for words, as soon as you have reached the area and you have started gazing at the startling landscape!
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It is possible for you to walk along the reef with your personal belongings, so as to explore the tiny islands that are spread in the area and that can be your sanctuary for swimming and sunbathing. There is white silky sand, which at times becomes pink and enchants you beyond compare. Of course, pink colour is given to the sand thanks to the abundant corals that have been shattered and scattered all around. Besides the corals, what will capture your attention is of course the rare vegetation. In fact, you will get to see some plants and flowers that you are not allowed to touch, including sand lilies and small cedar trees. 
The whole place is protected by Natura, due to its significant importance for the global eco-system. This is where the adorable Caretta-Caretta sea turtles nest to lay their eggs and so you can imagine why there is such paramount value in the preservation of the pure environment throughout the territory.

The azure waters and the majestic seabed will make your every dive a truly refreshing and remarkable experience that you will never forget. Whether you decide to reach Elafonisi by boat or driving there, you will relish every moment. You can always combine your visit to this stunning location with the visit to the church of Panagia Chrysoskalitissa (which means Holy Mary Golden-Stepped).
According to the tradition, one of the steps that are used for accessing the temple is made of pure gold. Only those who truly believe have got the privilege to see that, though!

Schedule your exploration of the majestic region of Elafonisi and get carried away by the impeccable beauty, the unique purity and the superb experiences that this location will offer you!
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