Wandering Around the Old Town and the Breathtaking Venetian Harbour at Chania
If you are looking for a quiet and inspirational place where you can stroll up and down enjoying the unparalleled views at Chania, you had better visit the old town and the Venetian harbour. This is the place where the heart of Chania beats and it has been inhabited ever since antiquity. What sets the old town apart from all the other neighbourhoods in the city is in fact the blending of the various cultures and their architecture. 
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Chania used to be named Kydonia and it was a prominent city established by King Minoas himself, with the past reflecting the uniqueness of its character and beauty. It has served as a valuable settlement, due to its crucial fortification and its exact location. Among the most important sights of the old town, there are the main square of Eleftherios Venizelos called the Syntrivani and the Splantzia quarter. The latter is the best preserved neighbourhood with the most amazing atmosphere that you can breathe in, while walking up and down the cobbled pathways and savouring the sight of every single building. There are many different influences that have added up to the magnificent architecture and the distinctive quality of the old town and the Venetian culture is not devoid of these architectural masterpieces of art. Along with touches of the Byzantines and the Ottomans, the town has become the centre of attention to every single traveller seeking for genuine experiences and fabulous traditional surroundings. 

Within close proximity, you can pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum of the old town, the Maritime Museum and the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Collection. Of course, the waterfront is where you can enjoy an evening walk and choose where you want to have a cup of coffee or enjoy a light and savoury snack overlooking the stunning harbour. Romance is overwhelming and you will not be able to resist another walk towards discovering the hidden treasures of such an alluring place! 
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