Lighthouse of Chania
Lighthouse of Chania
Chania lighthouse, the “guard” of the old Venetian port, is one of the oldest lighthouses, not only in Greece but also in the world. It is located at the entrance of the Venetian Port and is considered as the major symbol of Chania. It was constructed by Venetian conquerors at the end of 16th century but during the Turkish occupation the lighthouse started to decay gradually because Turks never used the harbor at Chania but the natural harbor at Souda. Lighthouse was rebuilt by the Egyptians during the period 1830-40 in the form of minaret but after the latest restoration, completed in 2006, its shape took the formation of the Venetian period. Today, some features of minaret still exist. Lighthouse has height 21m and is built on a stone base, located at the end of the old harbor opposite to the fortress of "Firkas".

At night, when it is lit up is an amazing attraction for all the visitors of the city creating a unique romantic atmosphere. 
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