Ancient Polyrrinia
Ancient Polyrrinia
Ancient Polyrrinia was one of the most important cities of ancient Crete with a rich history that begins in the Late Minoan period and runs to Roman times according to the findings. It was built in around 1100 BC by Achaean and Laconias colonists, although the area had been inhabited for far longer. The name “Polyrrinia” implies that the main occupation of the residents of the village was sheep farming since its name comes from the ancient Greek words “poly”(many) and “renea” (sheep). Ancient Polyrrinia is situated 49Km northwest of Chania and 7 Km south of Kissamos (Kastelli) near to the “Polyrrinia” village on a on a hilltop about 420 m.

HOW TO GET THERE:  By car towards Kissamos (43 km) and then follow the signs to “Polyrrinia” village. Continuing on foot, through the village, reach the Ancient Polyrrinia
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