Olive Tree of Vouves
Olive Tree of Vouves
The oldest olive tree in the world is in Ano Vouves village of Municipality of Kolymbari. The perimeter of olive tree trunk is 12.5 meters with 3.64 meters diameter and 11.45 m2 surface area. The age of the olive tree cannot be determined accurately but estimated to be about 2500- 5000 years. This olive has characterized worldwide as monument of nature and thousands of people visit it every year. Ano Vouves village is located approximately 30 km west of Chania.

HOW TO GET THERE: Take the Chania – Kissamos national road (E65) and use the Kolibari exit, in order to proceed west (to the left) towards the Village of Spilia. Then, just follow the signs leading to Ano Vouves village.
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